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1X Breeze Aura-Shield Cat Collar

1X Breeze Aura-Shield Cat Collar

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Customer Reviews

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Samantha Foster
my cat has skin issues

I will always buy these collars. My cat has skin issues also and this erased all of that. She’s 16, three-legged, and the healthiest she’s ever been, and this collar is a lot of the reason. People think their pets don’t have fleas because they don’t see them, but I guarantee they do. And this collar helps their skin and fur and makes them happier and healthier without fleas and ticks bothering them.

Ashley Mitchell
I’ve tried the 10$ versions and they don’t work like this one!!!

No others work like these ... yes they are expensive ... I’ve tried the $10 versions and they don’t work like this one!!! Go ahead and do it the first time, keeping one as backup! Our cat visits through the screen door and occasionally on the patio with a feral cat (who we feed, etc.) and gets fleas from him ... wish the feral cat would allow us to put one on him!!!

Charlotte Davies
they hated fleas spray, And trust me, I'm all about keeping our place clean

I've always struggled with applying flea sprays on my cats. They hate it, and honestly, it's a bit of a nightmare. They spend a lot of time outside, wandering from our yard to the neighbors', and they're pretty social with other cats. Finding this collar has been such a relief. It lets them keep their outdoor adventures without me worrying about fleas getting into the house. And trust me, I'm all about keeping our place clean, so this collar has been a huge win for us.

Megan Gray
I checked to make sure it wasn't a fake reviews

To start, as per the reviews, I checked to make sure it wasn't a fake. It was easy to put on the cat. I was very, very observant the first 24 hours and constantly checked his neck. Not liking to wear anything, of course our cat was a little uncomfortable the first couple days and scratched at the collar often, tried to rub it off using the wall or doors. But this thing WORKS. And works WELL.

Rebecca Hayes
ended the cycle

I have been using these collars for years now! I wondered how well they worked so towards the end of the cycle I gave my cat a bath and did not see one flea or tick!!