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Ships by Tue, May 28

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What Customers Say About Aura-Shield™

- Anya Lindsey

I had never heard of Breeze Aura-Shield before, so naturally, I was a bitskeptical. My baby was so miserable that I decided to give it a chance,and I'm really glad I did. After about a week, my baby stopped scratchingand pulling at his fur. I couldn't be happier with the results!

- Harriet Sutherland

I live in the middle of the woods with two dogs. One of my dogsis a husky and the other is a pitbull mix. This has worked really wellwith both despite the very different fur textures. We really struggledwith finding ticks on our dogs before using these, but afterwards,we have found none.

- Marcia Hightower

We have an indoor dog but could never get him completely flea-free.This did the trick. I asked friends on Facebook what theyrecommendedthis was the top choice. We can't recommend this enough. Completelyrid of fleas within a few days of wearing the collar.

- Gerald Knapp

it works incredibly well. The Breeze Aura-Shield Collar lasts even longerthan advertised. My dog has sensitive skin, and this collar causes noreaction or allergy, given its natural ingredients. Before switching toBreeze, it was always a challenge to keep the fleas at bay. Additionally,using other chemical collars irritated his coat. If you're debating onusing this for your dog, it's definitely worth getting. You won't regret it.

-Elaine Peterson

Initially, I had my doubts about whether it would really work as promised,which almost stopped me from buying. After some hesitation andreading through the testimonials, I decided to give it a try, hoping forsimilar results. Now, two months in, I'm so grateful - no more scratching,and my dog seems happier than ever.


Aura-Shield™ is Recommended by Vets, and 20,000+ Satisfied Customers!

  • Reduces scratching, licking, and biting
  • Promotes better skin health
  • Reduces agitation and promotes calm behavior
  • Hypoallergenic material for sensitive skin
  • Eliminates pests at their source
Doctor Reviewed

“Breeze provides a reliable, natural, and  drug-free solution that I can trust and my furry patients truly appreciate!”

- Isla Everhart, Vet advisor for Breeze

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336/10,000 Discounted Pieces Left
Ships by Tue, May 28


The Breeze Aura-Shield™ collar safeguards your beloved pet,ensuring a serene environment for their well-being. Offer yourself and your furry friend the tranquility of knowing they are protected from pests without any hassle. Perfect for dogs of all ages, especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies.Each Breeze Aura-Shield™ collar is crafted by experts, incorporating natural ingredients known for their pest-repellent properties to tackle pests at the source.

  • Prevents pest-related discomfort
  • Supports skin and coat health
  • Enhances outdoor enjoyment
  • Simple and effective to use
  • Repels fleas, ticks, and other pests

What Makes Breeze Aura-Shield™ the Ultimate Choice for Dog Parents?

1. Complete health system for your dog

Breeze Aura-Shield™ isn't merely an accessory; it's the cornerstone of your dog's health regimen. Far beyond an ordinary collar, it combines 24/7 pest protection with the release of beneficial, natural oils keeping your dog's coat shiny, skin healthy, and body free from fleas and ticks. What other dog collar offers comprehensive health benefits like these?

2. Loaded with natural ingredients that keep fleas at bay

Aura-Shield is not just another pet product. It's the result of an extensive global and scientific search for the finest natural ingredients known for their pest-repellent properties. Incorporating elements like lemongrass and clove oil, Aura-Shield harnesses the power of these ancient remedies to offer your dog the ultimate shield against fleas and ticks

3. It’s smart – it works with thermal detection

95% of dogs pick up fleas from their environment while they are playing in the backyard or when they are hanging out with other pets. Aura-Shield technology relies on thermal and motion detection—the collar intuitively detects when your dog is most active, releasing a potent blend of natural ingredients in response.

4. It’s gentle for dogs with sensitive skin

Crafted from hypoallergenic materials,the Breeze Aura-Shield collar is designed for dogs with sensitive skin. It combines the natural, soothing and pest-repelling properties of lavender and linaloe oils in a high-quality, recycled material that prevents irritation. This blend ensures your dog's comfort and protection against pests in a gentle,effective manner.

Lab Tested


Reduction in Scratching


Reduction in Flea and Tick Infestation


Reduction in Agitation & Restlessness


Reduction in Paw Licking & Chewing

Mess-Free & Odorless

The Aura-Shield collar offers a mess-free solution, odorless and non-greasy, designed for your cat's ultimate comfort.

Powered by Aura-Shield™ Technology

Equipped with cutting-edge Aura-ShieldTM Technology, the collar intelligently releases repellents in response to your dog's activity, ensuring immediate and situational protection.

Designed for Sensitive Skin

Our specialized collar is made from high-quality, recycled materials, specifically designed to respect your dog's sensitive skin, preventing irritation through every adventure.

Safe Around Children

Aura-Shield is crafted from natural ingredients and safe materials, ensuring it's safe to use around children, unlike many chemical spot-on solutions.


Our smart collar prioritizes your cat's safety and well-being, avoiding allergic reactions and safeguarding your family from harmful chemicals with its 100% natural ingredients.

Safety Breakaway Mechanism 

The Aura-Shield collar includes an automatic release to prevent entanglement risks, ensuring your cat's safety during any adventure.

8 Month’s of Real Protection

Breeze Aura-Shield™ continuously releases its plant-based ingredients, ensuring up to 8 months of effective coverage.

Adjustable Collar for All

Whether your dog's breed, size, or weight, the Breeze Aura-Shield fits perfectly on 99% of dogs.

  • Lavender Oil

    With lavender oil's natural antifungal and antibacterial prowess, this ingredient soothes skin and repels fleas, offering over half a century of proven pest protection for your dog.

  • Linaloe Oil

    Linaloe oil blends a soothing touch for itchy skin with effective flea-repelling power, offering a natural, gentle solution for your dog's coat health and comfort.

  • Natural Chrysanthemum

    Acts as a robust shield against fleas, using its inherent pesticidal properties to safely and effectively guard your dog from unwanted pests.

  • Lemon Eucalyptus

    Lemon eucalyptus oil, rich in p-Menthane-3,8-diol, effectively wards off fleas while nurturing your dog's skin with its antibacterial and calming properties.

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Adjustable Collars for All !
Adjustable Collars for All !
Adjustable Collars for All !
Adjustable Collars for All !
Adjustable Collars for All !
Adjustable Collars for All !

Adjustable Collars for All !

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24,000+ 5 Stars Reviews

"I got a puppy a few months ago, and soon after, he was infested with fleas. Despite spending $200 on treatments in four months, nothing worked. The products I tried would only keep the fleas away for a few days. It was frustrating, especially seeing my puppy lose hair due to his sensitive skin and likely flea allergy. That's when I discovered these collars.

It's been a month since I started using the collar, and the flea problem is virtually gone. Now, if he picks up a flea outside, it dies within a couple of seconds. I've been recommending this to everyone. This collar is a game-changer. My puppy is happier and more comfortable now, and I'm so grateful for this product. Thank you for bringing relief to my fur baby!❤️”
- Leslie D. (Breeze Customer)

Ships by Tue, May 28
Ships by Tue, May 28

Customer Reviews

Based on 7571 reviews
Sarah T
I used NexGard which did the job, but they are so expensive!

Breeze works great for my 15lb & 30lb mutts. For 10 years, I used NexGard which did the job, but they are so expensive! A year ago, I purchased the collars, and my boys had no ticks or fleas. Also, they experienced NO skin irritation or any other negative effects. So, I recently purchased Breeze collars again and expect the same results this summer. The savings were nice too.

Dina Rivera
My happy dogs

My dogs were miserable with the flea problem and the cat was getting attacked. Since I have used your collars, our dogs are so calm. The cat hair is starting to grow back love love love your product. Thank you very much.

Amanda Anderson
very expensive to keep a regular treatment

The biggest challenge is the price. It has been very expensive to keep a regular treatment plan going. Breeze is amazing, affordable and does the trick, and not to mention, it's all natural!

Meg Taylor
Love these. My dog had a flea allergy and nothing really worked. and with in a short time her sk...

Love these. My dog had a flea allergy and nothing really worked. I started using these and with in a short time her skin cleared up, and she was no longer scratching all the time. It says 8 months on it but I changed it out every 7 months.

Samantha D
Within 24 hours the fleas were falling off ot the dogs

Never been a fan of flea collars because of the horror stories I hear about them. A friend had one on her dog and we decided to give it a try because nothing else has worked that we have tried. Within 24 hours the fleas were falling off of the dogs. While it is pricey, its definitely worth the price because it works and has had no harsh effects on the dogs for the few months they have had it on.

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How adjustable is the collar?

The collar is adjustable up to 72 cm for dogs, making it suitable for all sizes and breeds of dogs. For cats, it's adjustable up to 38 cm, which accommodates 100% of cat breeds.

What if My Dog is Mostly inactive And Stays indoors All Day?

If your dog is mostly inactive and stays indoors, the Breeze Aura-Shield collar will automatically release its plant-based ingredients after 5-6 hours of no activity from your pet, ensuring ongoing protection.

Is the Breeze Collar Really Effective? How Does It Work?

Yes, the Breeze Aura-Shield has undergone extensive laboratory testing over three years, validating its effectiveness and safety. The Breeze Aura-Shield™ collar stands apart with its intelligent design.

It doesn't continuously release its ingredients; instead, it activates when your dog is most active – like during play, walks, or outdoor activities. This smart functionality ensures enduring, effective protection precisely when your dog is most vulnerable.

Its active ingredients specifically target the nervous systems of fleas and ticks at each stage of their life cycle, from eggs to adulthood. This powerful approach disrupts their DNA and RNA, rendering them completely incapacitated and harmless to your pet.

How Frequently Should The Breeze Aura-Shield Collar Be Replaced?

The Breeze Aura-Shield collar is designed for long-lasting effectiveness, typically needing replacement only once every 8 months. This ensures your pet enjoys continuous, hassle-free protection against fleas and ticks

 What if Another Dog Chews On My Dog's Breeze Aura-Shield Collar?

There's no need to worry if another dog chews on the Breeze Aura-Shield collar. The collar is made from fully natural, non-toxic ingredients, ensuring safety even in such situations.

What Types Of Pests Does The Breeze Aura-Shield Collar Eradicate?

The Breeze Aura-Shield  is effective against a wide range of external pests, including fleas, ticks, mosquitos, lice, sandflies, and mites.

Is The Cat Collar The Same As The Dog Collar?

The cat collar is smaller than the dog collar to accommodate the size difference between cats and dogs. However, both collars utilize the same technology and ingredients to ensure effective protection.

Does The ingredient in The Breeze Aura-Shield Collar Enter The Dog's Bloodstream?

No. The active ingredients of the Breeze Aura-Shield stay on the skin's surface and do not enter the animal's bloodstream.

Can This Collar Be Used On A Puppy?

Yes, the Breeze Aura-Shield  can be used on puppies older than 7 weeks.

Can I Sleep With My Dog Wearing The Collar?

The Breeze Aura-Shield  is safe for the animal and also for people in contact with it. 

Is It Effective Against Mites?

Yes, the Breeze Aura-Shield  is effective against a wide range of parasites, including mites.

How Long Does It Last If It's Not Unpacked?

The Breeze Aura-Shield  retains its effectiveness for up to 2 years if not unpacked. After that, we cannot guarantee its maximum efficacy.

Is There a Risk of Poisoning if My Puppy ingests a Part of The Breeze Aura-Shield collar?

The Breeze Aura-Shield  is made from natural ingredients. However, it's not meant to be ingested. If your puppy eats part of the collar, it's recommended to see a veterinarian.

Is It Effective On Long-Haired Dogs?

Yes, the Breeze Aura-Shield  is effective on all hair types, including long hair.

Can The Collar Be Removed To Wash The Dog And Then Be Put Back On After The Bath?

Yes, you can remove the Breeze Aura-Shield  to wash your dog and put it back on after the bath. However, the collar is water-resistant, so it's not necessary to remove it during the bath.

Is The Breeze Aura-Shield Collar Suitable For Dogs With Skin Sensitivities?

Absolutely! The Breeze Aura-Shield collar is specifically formulated with natural ingredients, making it an ideal choice for dogs with skin sensitivities. Its gentle, non-irritating composition ensures your pet's comfort while providing effective protection against fleas and ticks. As always, if you have specific concerns about your dog's skin condition, consulting with your veterinarian is a good practice.

Can I Use Aura-shield on Pregnant Pets?

The safety of using the Aura-shield Collar on pregnant dogs or cats has not been thoroughly evaluated. We recommend consulting with a veterinarian before using the Aura-shield flea and tick collar on pregnant pets.

When Can I Expect Delivery After Placing My Order?

Our standard delivery time is 2 to 7 working days. However, it can vary depending on your location.

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You haven't witnessed your dog at their happiest and most relaxed until you've embraced Breeze Aura-Shield™!

This will be the most seamless and effective way to shield your dog from the discomfort and irritation caused by these pesky parasites. Because your loyal companion deserves the utmost protection and peace of mind!


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