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Discover how this simple secret is changing anxious lives of thousands of pets into confident ones and how you can too for yours.
All without resorting to ❌ costly vet visits, spot-on treatments, pills, or other chemical methods that can potentially do more harm than good, including allergic reactions, skin irritation, loss of appetite, and patches of bare skin with scabs!
Stop scratching, licking, and biting for good
Boost your cat's well-being
Achieve healthier skin
Get a shinier coat
Calm your kitten down
Sooth your cat’s sensitive skin
Say goodbye to sprays and pees
Energize your cat

12,195+ Verified Reviews

"My anxious kitty was constantly pacing and meowing. I decided to try the Breeze Calming Collar, and I'm thrilled with the results! It's so easy to use and has made a world of difference. Within a week, she was calmer, more relaxed, and her behavior has improved significantly. I couldn't be happier with this product!” - Susan F. Breeze Customer

According to a recent survey, 72.5% of cats displayed a range of anxiety-like traits, such as:

  • Excessive grooming
  • Hiding or avoiding interaction
  • Aggressiveness towards people or other pets
  • Loss of appetite
  • Restlessness or pacing
  • Excessive vocalization
  • Changes in litter box habits

The most common anxious behavior reported by cat owners was fear associated with the sound of fireworks, with 26% of cats exhibiting this fear. 

And if your pet’s anxiety is not treated, they can show signs of aggression, whining, spraying and urinating, or loss of appetite. 

But this is all set to change with Breeze Aura-Calm™ — on a mission to offer stress-free, safe, and happy homes for cats and dogs across the globe. 

Is Your Cat a Nervous Wreck? Stop the Whining and Whimpering with This Revelation

Ever pondered why Whiskers cowers at the sight of the vacuum cleaner, or Mittens seeks refuge under the bed during a thunderstorm? The truth is, just like us humans, our feline companions can experience anxiety and stress.

How would you like to be trapped in a speeding car, face a room full of strangers, or encounter a giant buzzing insect? These experiences would likely make you nervous, wouldn't they? Yet, many kitties and cats endure stressful situations daily – loud noises, unfamiliar sights, strange people, or even a new addition to the family.

This can manifest in a variety of ways: excessive meowing, destructive scratching, nervous pacing, or even that unfortunate puddle on the rug.

The culprit? Untamed anxieties.

The good news? There is a way to help your cat feel calmer and more confident.  Breeze Aura-Calm™ is a natural, science-backed solution to bring back the happy, playful kitty you know and love.

Why Do You Need Breeze Aura-Calm™?

It's time to show your cat that you care.

If the answer is yes to any of these questions…Breeze Aura-Calm is a must-have!

Is your cat showing signs of poor appetite? 

Cats normally love to eat. So when they lose their appetite, they are either sick or anxious.

Is your cat showing signs of aggression?   

If your pet is unusually aggressive towards family members or other pets, this could be a sign of stress.

Does your feline baby constantly meow?

Increased meowing can indicate your cat is feeling stressed. This is one of the ways they communicate with pet parents, telling us they need help. 

Does your pet show changes in their eyes?

Like stressed humans, cats may also exhibit excessive blinking and dilated pupils when nervous.

Is your cat destroying furniture in the house?

When feeling anxiety and stress, many cats tend to release their frustration on household items like furniture. 

Introducing the Breeze Aura-Calm collar

This is your ultimate solution for a serene, contented cat. This innovative collar emits a natural, tranquil scent infused with cat-specific pheromones, undetectable to human noses but deeply comforting to your feline companion.

These pheromones act as gentle reminders, conveying to your kitty a sense of safety and love, effectively whispering, "You're secure and adored."

Exclusive to the Breeze Aura-Calm collar, this powerful blend of pheromones sets it apart from the rest. No other collar on the market offers this unique 2-in-1 pheromone combination. For any cat owner seeking to create a peaceful, harmonious atmosphere for their beloved pet, the Breeze Aura-Calm collar is the ultimate game-changer.Once you put it on your cat, it will…

Reduce their stress and anxiety levels

Create a safe and happy home environment 

Reduce unwanted behaviors like changes in the litter box 

Provide long-lasting calm for your feline friend

Lab Tested


Reduction in random peeing and urine spraying


Reduction in furniture scratching


Reduction in conflicts between cats and dogs


Reduction in VET bills

What Makes the Aura-Calm Collar So Unique? 

With the Aura-Calm collar, all you have to do is place it around your cat’s neck after cutting it into the right length. 

The collar starts working almost instantly, releasing a unique 2-in-1 blend of pheromones to help reduce stress-driven behaviors like scratching and marking, separation anxiety, chewing on furniture, and urine spraying… 

Giving your home and your pet a sense of peace. It's like whispering soothing words to your feline friend, all day, every day.

Addressing the Root Cause💡

The Aura-Calm collar tackles stress, the root cause of many behavioral problems in cats.

The natural calming signals released by the collar mimic messages mother cats use to reassure their kittens. They tell your cat, "Relax, you're safe," addressing the underlying anxiety that fuels behaviors like scratching, marking, and chewing.

And unlike treats or training, the collar provides a continuous stream of calming messages, working throughout the day to keep your cat feeling secure and content, even when faced with triggers.

It’s not always easy to modify behavior through training alone. The Aura-Calm collar offers a hassle-free solution, working its magic discreetly and without requiring any additional effort from you.

Instead of just treating the symptoms, the Aura-Calm collar addresses the root cause – stress and anxiety. 

By promoting feelings of safety and security, it helps your cat feel calmer and more relaxed, naturally reducing unwanted behaviors and creating a more peaceful home environment for both of you.


Our collar offers odorless protection, ensuring your cat remains free from any unwanted fragrances or scents.


The Aura-Calm collar offers a mess-free solution, keeping your cat clean.

Designed for Sensitive Skin

Our specialized collar is made from high-quality, recycled materials, specifically designed to respect your cat's sensitive skin, preventing irritation through every adventure.

4 Months of Real Calming

Our collar continuously releases a potent blend of 2-in-1 pheromones ensuring up to 4 months of effective serenity.

Adjustable Collar for All

Whatever your cat's breed, size, or weight, the Aura-Calm Collar fits perfectly on 100% of cats.

Water Resistant

The Aura-Calm collar keeps your pup relaxed even during wet adventures.

100% Natural

Our collar soothes anxieties naturally, using only an all-natural powerful 2-in-1 pheromone blend.

  • Camomile Oil

    Known for its relaxing properties, chamomile gently eases feline anxiety and promotes tranquility. 

  • Pheromones

    These natural messengers mimic the calming signals mother cats release to their kitties, creating a sense of security and relaxation.

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Here's How Breeze Aura-Calm™ Beats the Other Options+

How it Works?

Order Your Breeze Collar
receive it within 7 working days.
Push the end of the collar
in the loop while leaving 2 fingers between the collar and the cat.
Cut off the excess
beyond 2 cm after the last loop or leave a little more if you have a growing kitty.
The Active Components of the Actives of Breeze
collar will start working immediately to calm your cat.

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Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar
Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar

Breeze Aura-Shield Calming Collar

12,195 Reviews

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"I brought a new kitten into my home, but she quickly became anxious and restless. Despite trying various expensive treatments, her anxiety persisted, causing sleepless nights and stress for both of us. That's when I discovered the Breeze Calming Collar. Within a few days of using the collar, my kitten was noticeably calmer and more relaxed.
Today, my cat is a picture of happiness and health. Her anxiety levels decreased, and she became more playful and affectionate. She became more relaxed, less reactive to noises, and her fur started growing back. This collar has not only improved my cat's quality of life but has also made me a happier pet owner. I'm grateful for the peace of mind it's brought to both me and my furry friend! Thank you, Breeze, for creating such an amazing product!"
- Susan L. (Breeze Customer)

Ships by Tue, May 28
Ships by Tue, May 28

Still on the Fence?
To make it easy for you, here’s our “30-day Peace and Quiet Satisfaction Guarantee.

From the moment your Aura-Calm collar lands on your doorstep, you have a full 30 days to witness its transformative power. Take your time, let your furry friend adjust, and observe the changes.If, for any reason, you don't see a positive change in your cat's behavior, or if Breeze Aura-Calm™ doesn't live up to your expectations in any way, we're here to make things right. Just reach out to our friendly customer support team at, and we'll swiftly process a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Trinity Reed
They work!!!

Trust me when I tell you they work!! My 14 year old cat has been urinating out of the litter box from time to time for quite a while. He’s been checked and nothing is every found as far as his kidneys or bladder. The vet said it’s more of a behavioral issue. Anyway, we tried the pheromone plug-ins and they seemed to work for a while, but then lost their effectiveness. The vet suggested to collar and it has WORKED. Since he’s been wearing them, which has been about 4 months, I think he has had two incidents of urinating outside of the box, but believe me when I tell you that I’ll take that over how much he was doing it before the collar! I would definitely give these a try if you’re not sure, but they definitely worked for us.

Skylar Lopez
The. Best. Collar.

This is my second time ordering this set of calming collars for my cats. Sadly they’re both super high anxiety, poor things. My male cat suffers from some separation anxiety. He didn’t appreciate our travel schedule and decided he’d let us know by peeing on our luggage. That began quite the process of finding ways to reduce his stress and assure him he runs the house. Changes to his diet, extra treats, extra love and attention, Feliway Diffuser and of course… CALMING COLLARS. :) The calming collars have become my favorite collar we’ve tried on our cats. Previously we’d used break away collars from a pet store that our cats would scratch at and shred with their nails. They’d look awful and one of the cats popped it off all by himself too. Then we tried some silicone ones that fit oddly due to the cardboard they’d been attached to at the store. One of my cats also popped this off by herself. So finally we tried Breeze Aura-Calm collars right before going on a trip. It gave me peace of mind that wherever they were at in the house or outside they had the calming pheromones of the collar right there with them. (As opposed to a Feliway diffuser where the cat has to be in the same room to enjoy the benefits.) When we returned home from our trip both cats still had their collars on. They wore them, without ever popping them off, for months. Now we put a fresh one on each cat whenever we go on a trip. I love how easy it is to adjust to each cats neck. They last forever, and they seem to be helping my boy with his separation anxiety. Highly recommend!!

Hailey Rodriguez
Super helpful

My kitten and my roommate's adult cat were having a hard time coexisting and adjusting to the new living situation, both female cats. We are having some issues with the older cat feeling territorial which is normal, especially with two females, but we weren’t having this issue between her older male cat and my kitten. My roommate said she had gotten some pheromone collars with her old roommate's cats and her cat because the same thing was happening. Honestly, these collars are great. They used to not be able to sit in the same room together without there being issues, and now it’s not perfect but coexisting is much easier for them and my kitten has come out of her shell a lot more and cuddlier than she was, she doesn’t immediately go run and hide from the older cat and the older cat doesn’t get upset by her simply being in the same vicinity. Highly recommended. I love this product, perfect for everyday use and even when going on walks. This collar is super great and has the positive effects I was hoping for! Also, the collar is completely odorless, perfect for sensitive kittens like mine :)

Emerson Harris
OMG. It works. Foster kittens and home kitty are friends now : )

I brought home some foster kittens and All heck was breaking out here; peeing, fighting, scratching, hissing, you name it. I couldn't take it anymore so I ordered this and another brand to test which one worked best. This one does. The other brand smelled so strong that I couldn't even be in the same room. The other brand smelled so bad even my cat vomited. BUT THIS ONE has no odor AND it does the job, lasts longer - all without the horrible smell. I love it, and peace reigns in my household now. It does take a few minutes for the effect to really set in with the kitties, so be aware of that. Kittens are now playing happily with each other. I do recommend that you keep a few extra on hand, as those little rascals can and will pull it off and good luck finding it after that, and of course, you will NOT want to run out of it as they will go back to their previous behavior when it wears off. BUT Highly recommend this product.

Kennedy Adams
Peaceful Introductions: A Must-Have for Blending Feline Families

I recently faced the challenging task of introducing a newly adopted cat to my two resident felines. Thanks to the Breeze Aura-Calm collar, this process turned out to be much smoother and less stressful than I anticipated.

The effectiveness of these calming collars in stress relief was immediately noticeable. The pheromones released by the collars worked wonders in reducing anxiety and tension among all my cats. There was a significant change in their behavior with less hissing and more curiosity during their interactions.

Introducing a new cat to an established cat household can be daunting. These collars played a critical role in easing the initial meetings. The calming effect helped all the cats feel more relaxed and open to each other's presence.

I appreciated that these collars are adjustable and fit cats of various sizes. They seemed comfortable for my cats to wear, and I didn't notice any irritation or discomfort. The safety feature of the breakaway design gave me peace of mind, knowing that my cats could free themselves if the collar got caught on something.

The calming effect remained consistent throughout the use of the collar. I didn't notice any decrease in efficacy over time, which was impressive.

My newly adopted cat was understandably nervous, and the resident cats were initially territorial. However, within a couple of days of wearing these collars, I observed a remarkable change. There was a noticeable reduction in aggressive posturing and an increase in peaceful coexistence. It was heartwarming to see them starting to explore each other's company without stress.

I highly recommend the Breeze Aura-Calm collar for anyone looking to introduce a new cat into their home or for any cat owner who wants to reduce anxiety and stress in their pets. These collars have made a significant difference in creating a harmonious environment in my home. A big thumbs up for this product!

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How adjustable is the collar?

The collar is adjustable up to 38 cm, which accommodates 100% of cat breeds.

What exactly is the Aura-Calm collar?

It’s a calming collar for cats that mimics the pheromones that cats naturally emit to help them feel safer and more calm in their environment. The Aura-Calm collar is odorless and only detected by cats. It’s appropriate for any age. It is recommended for most cat anxiety behaviors and is clinically proven. 

How does Aura-Calm work?

The Aura-Calm collar for cats mimics the pheromones that nursing mothers naturally emit to let their newborns feel safe and comfortable in their environment. These pheromones help cats bond with each other and their mothers. 

For multi-cat households, it helps stop conflict, tension, and fighting.

How is the Aura-Calm different from other pheromone products?

Not only is it science-backed and lab-tested but it is also 100% all natural and odorless. 

What’s the best time to use this collar?

Anytime your cat is showing signs of anxiety! 

How long does it last if not unpacked?

The Breeze Aura-Calm collar can last for up to 2 years if not unpacked. After that, we can't guarantee its effectiveness.

What behaviors should I look for when it comes to anxiety, fear, or stress? 

The symptoms and behaviors related to anxiety or fear are as numerous and varied as the breeds of cats. Some of them are obvious: shaking during a storm, hiding during fireworks, and destroying the house when left alone. Some are not obvious and often misunderstood like yawning, lip-licking, and even tail-wagging.

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This will be the most convenient and effective way to reduce your pet's anxiety and stress levels once and for all. 

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